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Recombinant IgG Production


We are a recognized service provider in converting small gene-engineered scFv or Fab human/mouse antibodies derived from phage display antibody library screening or mouse/rat hybridoma cell lines into full-size recombinant human or mouse IgGs with Fc fragments of various functions, e.g. ADCC, or non-ADCC. Creative Biolabs have established a solid platform for industrial scale production of recombinant IgG in mammalian cells.

Of note, to mimic the behavior of a recombinant human IgG antibody [targeting a human protein] in humans the best, specificity-matching recombinant mouse IgG antibodies derived from phage display mouse scFv/Fab libraries [targeting the mouse protein] are frequently produced and used in animal models.

We use a modified FRT/Flp-In recombinase system to produce human IgG in CHO cells for stable expression of humanized/recombinant human IgG. The same approach is used in stable expression of recombinant mouse IgG. We have pre-selected CHO cell lines that contain a single stably integrated FRT site at a transcriptionally active genomic locus and we have proven that they can produce high level expressers of recombinant human IgGs [targeting various antigens]. Unfortunately, even starting from these pre-selected cell lines, significant amount of time and effort are required to create a stable cell line that can express recombinant human [mouse] IgG at a cost-effective level, e.g. 800mg/L.

In the end of production, the recombinant antibody will be three-step purified (protein A/G followed by two polishing steps, antibody monomer >99%, endotoxin level < 0.5 EU/mg antibody, protein A residual < 10 PPM, which is equivalent to antibody for human use). Here, we do not disclose our process technology. We also do not provide the stable cell lines. However, the cell lines will be archived for a period of 2 years free of charge to client in case future production is needed.


Construction of chimeric antibody expression vectors
The gene of a scFv or Fab antibody obtained from phage display technology or amplified from a mouse/rat hybridoma cell line is cloned into our proprietary mammalian expression vectors that contain the constant regions of human or mouse IgG light chain and heavy chain.

Transient transfection of CHO cells
Transient expression using CHO or 293 cells will be performed to confirm the expression of the recombinant antibody. For small scale antibody production, transient expression is more inexpensive in comparison with stable expression.

Creating stable CHO cell lines
Stably transfected CHO cell line are screened to select high expressers. The production cell lines are adapted into protein-free culture medium for bio-manufacturing. The gene-engineered CHO cells we have allow establishment of CHO expressers with extremely high yield, which will dramatically reduce the cost in production of full-size recombinant IgG. We once achieved a cell line with a yield of 4.5g/L.







Rat Hybridoma Generation


Creative Biolabs have established a unique platform to develop high-affinity monoclonal antibodies in rats. Compared with commonly used mouse antibodies, rat antibodies do not have the background cross-reaction problems in immune-detection of antigens out of a mouse background, such as a mouse antigen from a mouse animal model.



Murine Hybridoma Production


Creative Biolabs provide rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies construction services. In particular, our proprietary mouse immunization approach allows us to provide mouse monoclonal antibodies within 70 days.



 Monoclonal Rabbit Antibody Production


In contrast to rabbit hybridoma technology available in other leading companies, Creative BioLabs has built up a unique rabbit monoclonal antibody production platform that is based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display antibody library technology.



 Monoclonal Chicken Antibody Production


Creative BioLabs together with partners who are leading scientists in monoclonal chicken IgY antibody field offers the most recognized custom monoclonal chicken IgY antibody production services. Chicken IgY antibodies are avian equivalents of mammalian IgG antibodies. Compared to mammalian IgG antibodies, chicken IgY antibodies have higher avidity, less cross-reactivity and higher specificity, rendering chicken IgY antibodies more valuable in laboratory experiments and diagnostic assays.



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Monoclonal Monkey (NHP) Antibody Production

Monoclonal Canine (Dog) Antibody Production


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