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Protein                                      siRNA                                        Peptide Antigen Database


Protein database contains all necessary      This is the first complete database of          This database contains antigenic peptide targets

information about proteins.                     pre-generated siRNA targets throughou       against all known protein sequences throughout

The database contains data sheets,            a variety of organisms.                         a variety of organisms.

reviews, publications,                           This is a necessary database                  This is an ideal database for anyone who works

reagent links and more.                        for your RNAi research needs.                 with antibodies or drug design.

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Clean Compare allows you to compare DNA and protein sequence. Clean compare is based on the algorithm of BLAST.


Oligo Design and Analysis Tools include apps such as oligo calculator and analyzer used for antisense design and more.


Easy siRNA offers an efficient method of finding siRNA targets and cloning them online.


Peptide Antigen Finder tool finds the best antigenic peptides of a protein sequence.


Protein Hydroplotter allows for the viewing of hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions of a protein sequence.


Peptide Calculator can calculate the chemical formula, molecular weight, isoelectric point and more of your protein or antigen.


Peptide Design Library includes seven powerful tools for screening and analyzing peptides.


PNA Calculator can be used to improved the hybridization behavior of PNA/DNA complexes.


Oligo Designer Find molecular weight, extinction coefficient and more of your oligonucleotides and even conduct protein translations.


Informatics and Software Development


BSI offers extensive informatics portfolios for genomic, proteomic and health care.

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