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                          How does PicoClear™ technology work?

The radial compression provided by PicoClear connectors is a revolutionary development in LC-MS and eliminates frusto-conical compression connections featured in traditional fittings. Troubleshooting becomes diagnostic and clogging is virtually eliminated.




Because PicoClear connectors are clear,perfect contact is confirmed with a simple visual inspection. A clear solution to a difficult problem.



The elastomer core provides the platform for PicoClear technology and allows for the easy visualization of the perfect connection.Compression of the elastomer core results in a clear view of the union, and of course, a perfect connection.






PCU-150 PicoClear Union 150 25,000
PCU-150-I PicoClear Union Cores 150 17,000
PCU-150-NF PicoClear Nuts & Ferrules 13,000
PCU-360 PicoClear Union 360 27,000
PCU-360-I PicoClear Union Cores 360 17,000
PCU-360-NF PicoClear Union Ferrules 13,000