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Digital PicoView

Infinite Control

The Digital PicoView® nanospray sources provides a new level of high performance. This platform integrates a digitally-controlled tip positioning and rinsing system with the tool-free set up and comprehensive hardware benefits of the PicoView platform.

Digital PicoView 550

  • Digitally-controlled tip positioning
  • High-resolution digital imaging
  • Stage position save and recall
  • Fully-automated tip rinsing station
  • Increased efficiency and throughput
  • Tool-free magnetic stage
  • Perform offline and online analyses
  • PicoClear™ conductive union-enabled
  • Wide flow-rate range: <10 nL/min. to >10 µL/min.


Automated Tip Rinsing

The TICs and summed full-scan spectra shown below were obtained from a canine-plasma sample spiked with a standard; one with tip washing and without. Injections 145�150 show similar TICs (A and C). After 645 injections, an overall intensity decrease is apparent and the degradation in stability is indicated by the jaggedness of the TIC (B). Contrary to this change in TIC between injections 145 � 150 and 645 � 650 for data collected with no tip washing, Panel D shows the TIC for injections 645 � 650 for data collected with tip washing. The TIC in Panel D is identical to the TIC in Panel C. Regular washing of the emitter exterior has maintained the intensity and stability of the TIC throughout the duration of the experiment while the intensity decreased from injection 150 to injection 650 with no tip washing.

Comparison of two emitters: one rinsed between injection and one not. After 650 injections, the rinsed tip looks new; the unrinsed tip shows wear and degradation.

Above: Comparative data plot of Average Intensity per injection for two ions, Neurotensin MH2+ at 837.2 Da and Caffeine MH+ at 195.2 Da. The change in average intensity for each ion over multiple injections is dramatically different for the data set collected with washing versus the data set collected with no washing. The signal intensity collected with emitter washing is highly reproducible whereas the signal intensity with no emitter washing exhibits dramatic fluctuation. With no emitter rinsing, the decrease in intensity per injection indicates that eventually the value will go to zero.


Method development: methanol vs. acetonitrile




Rapid Method Development
Rapid method development is facilitated with the Digital PicoView
® unique magnetic-stage design. The no-tool interface makes column-switching quick and simple.

The data left compare two different PicoFrit columns in the analysis of a 100 fmol BSA digest

Powerful Software: PVAcquire™

PV Acquire™ is a powerful user interface for Digital PicoView. The software is controlled by the mass spectrometer and enables rapid spray optimization in concert with the signal output obtained from the mass spectrometer.

PVAcquire Software Main Interface


Automated Tip Positioning
Digitally cntrolled emitter positioning and location provides an easy way to establish the X and Y coordinates for rapid and accurate tip positioning. Just click the cursor on the desired emitter tip position and you are ready to run.

Digital Divert&trade
The Digital Divert function allows the LC or mass spectrometer to control tip repositioning. This feature is essential for the tip rinsing applications and automatically positions the emitter tip away from the inlet in between runs.

Store & Load
Emitter positions can now be saved with a date and time stamp or user-defined file name. Choose from a library of emitter positions from the pop-up menu and the emitter is repositioned to the exact coordinates.



Digital PicoView Models

Digital PicoView sources are available for use with the following mass spectrometers. We are currently developing Digital PicoView sources for additional mass spec systems. Please contact us if you don't see your desired system listed.

For Thermo Fisher LCQ Deca™, Classic™ and Advantage™

For ABI QSTAR™ and 3000 Systems
(system for the AB 4000 is in development)

For Thermo Fisher LTQ™/FT, Orbitrap™, Velos™, and Deca XP Max™

For Thermo Fisher TSQ�
A, Quantum�A and Vantage�A Systems





Hi-resoluition digital imaging

The USB-driven camera provides a high-resolution image directly to the mass spectrometer. This superior digital image is key for spray optimization, method development, and diagnostic troubleshooting.




Digital stage positioning

Control stage positioning with the PV Acquire software. The intuitive interface eliminates any concern with the accurate recall of tip position. Precise tip positioning with micrometer accuracy affords the highest possible control for optimal spray delivery. Tip positions are easily saved and recalled to reduce time spent on optimization and boost productivity.




Automated tip rinsing

Keeping the PicoTip nanospray emitter clean can significantly extend its lifetime and provide high performance results throughout the study. The Digital PicoView nanospray source features a dedicated Rinse Station with Digital Divert to automatically rinse and clean.

DPV-550 mounted on Thermo LTQ
Digital PicoView 550 on the Thermo LTQ



"This [Digital PicoView 550] is the most stable, robust nanospray set-up I have ever had."

- Reid Townsend, Ph.D., M.D.